We are proud to have a great reputation of quality and service when it comes to commercial dishwasher equipment, industrial cleaning supplies and warewashing services. Our dedication to our customers have made us what we are today! In our competitive industry, we have taken extra steps to prove our dedication to quality and service.

We will continue to strive to keep you, our customers, satisfied and our products, service and equipment top quality. Our company-trained Chem Mark professionals provide regularly scheduled service and we have emergency service 24/7.

Our products range from: commercial dishwashers, water softeners, cleaning and sanitation products, drain maintenance, SwingMark bar sanitation, institutional laundry programs, sparkling clean dishware, glassware, laundry and many other quality products and equipment for restaurants and others in food serving industry.

 Serving our customers, for over fifty years … “one clean dish at a time”. Call us at 714-784-5522


Commercial dishwashing products, state of the art cleaning products, bar sanitation, chemical dispensers and laundry cleaning products for all equipment.


Chem Mark does it all! We will install, service and maintain your warewashing, housekeeping, laundry chemical, and water softener equipment and keep it in top operating condition.


Chem Mark uses only the best commercial dishwashers and water softeners, providing you the only true full service company in the industry!

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Dish Machine Products
Mark 360 Detergent, Mark 310 Rinseaid, Mark 300 Sanitizer.

State of the art Concentrated Cleaning Products

  • Warewash,
  • Silverware Pre-Soaks,
  • Sanitation,
  • General and Heavy Duty Cleaning and
  • Drain Maintenance

Bar Sanitation

Chemical Dispensers
Our chemical dispensers are calibrated to ensure safe, accurate usage, tailored to your specific needs.

Laundry Cleaning Products for all Industries
Solids, Liquids, Powders

Chem Mark uses only the best dishwashers and water softeners, providing you the only true full service company in the industry!

Dish Machines
Low and high temperature dish machines. Specializing in service, lease and sales of CMA and ADS machines.

Click here to see a selection of our machines.

Laundry Dispensers
Chem Mark will provide, install and maintain the latest digital electronic chemical dispensers.

Water Softener Service
Our water softeners are here to provide spot-free glasses, dishes and silverware.

SwingMark and BarMaid
Lease and sales of bar cleaning and sanitation equipment.
Repair of customer owned BarMaid glass washers.
Swing Mark cleaning and sanitation system for three compartment bar sinks.

Chemical Dispensers
Chem Mark provides chemical dispensers to ensure safe, accurate usage.

Chem Mark does it all, from the initial design to the finished product and beyond.

We will install, service and maintain your warewashing, housekeeping, laundry chemical, and water softener equipment and keep it in top operating condition.

Chem Mark is an in-house operation. We do all our own installations featuring

  • commercial dish machines,
  • water softeners,
  • chemical proportioners,
  • the latest digital electronic laundry chemical injectors.

All Chem Mark service technicians are Chem Mark trained, tested and qualified to keep your equipment in top running condition.

Once a Chem Mark customer, you receive regular scheduled service and emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
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Service centers in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside Counties.
Phone: (714)784-5522
Fax: 714-898-7790

Commercial Dishwasher Lease & Rental

This is just a sample of the restaurant dishwashers for lease and rental we have available. Please call us and we will help you choose the right commercial dish washing machine and sanitation to meet your needs.


Single Rack Inline Dishmachine

Our most popular industrial dishwasher. Combines low energy with chemical sanitizing and low use cost. Washes over 40 racks per hour with an automatic start/stop.



undercounter-dishmachineUndercounter Dishmachine

Compact undercounter commercial dishwasher with all the features of a larger commercial dishwasher. Washes over 30 racks per hour. Unique self purging/cleaning system keeps the dishwasher free from debris.


Double Rack or Corner Double
Rack Dishmachine

High volume double rack. Washes over 80 racks or 320 covers per hour. Uniqely designed corner model configuration. Economical and energy efficient.


Conveyor 44” Or 66” Configuration

High capacity – high volume, designed for the busiest enviroment. Automatic start/stop to save run time and costs. Washes over 240 racks or 960 covers per hour. Lowest water use in the industry.


High Temperature Dishwasher

180 degree sanitizing dishwashing machine. Washes over 60 racks or 240 covers per hour. Designed specifically for operations that require a high temperature.


Corner Dishwasher

A corner dishwasher designed to fit either a left or right configuration. Washes over 40 racks or 160 covers per hour. Specially designed pull pins for easy cleaning of wash arms.