Bar Equipment Checklist – Here is What You Need to Open a Bar

Being a respectable owner of a bar or brewpub seems like a glamorous job. Running bar is indeed a financially rewarding business with high returns and is also considered more comfortable and more fascinating than most job positions.

The U.S. bar, pub, lounge, tavern, and nightclub industry make $19 billion in sales profit annually, according to the Statista. But if you plan to open a bar or a club that serves spirits, you’ll have to make a substantial stake before accomplishing those incomes.

What don’t newbies in bar business realize is that 80% of the bar’s success is sealed before the door is open? Establishing a one-of-a-kind concept, seeking an ideal location, choosing a good lease, making right hires, and calculate a budget are the crucial factors for entrance in the bar business.

Behind the bar, you require a lot of tools and equipment, especially if you want to be recognized as a pro. Most bars will have the necessary equipment, like bar spoons and bottle openers, but they may not  have the things that make a job easier.

Having the right bar equipment not just makes the whole process easy but it also helps in having less dependency on the high-skilled employees.

So, here’s the bar equipment  checklist you should be looking for before opening your own dream place.

3 Compartment Sink

A three-compartment sink with integral double drainboards is required for drink establishments. A dish or glass washer can’t substitute 3 compartment sink. They must have tubs of equal size, with 2 distinct and equal size attached drain-boards. Sink tubs must be sized to provide the immersion of the largest glassware to be washed. A bar must have a three-compartment sink sized for its needs due to fulfilling all state sanitizing and health procedures.


Swing Mark Wash-Rinse-Sanitize


With Swing Mark fully automatic sanitation valve, you’ll get needed supplying of detergent, sanitizer, and water. It’s easy to install and regulate to standard sink and faucets.

Unlike the other 3-compartments which require pushing buttons or hand pumps to add sanitizer and detergent to the sink, Swing Mark is fully automated. Simply swing valve over the sink and sanitizing process is started instantly.

Undercounter Commercial DishwasherUndercounter Commercial Dishwasher

Undercounter commercial dishwasher is an excellent solution for bars, cafeterias, or small tavernas that don’t have much space for large dish machine.

The flip-side to the room savings, as you would guess, is that these dishwashers don’t hold the same quantity of dishes as some of the larger types available for commercial use. If you run a small-capacity commercial bar that needs clean dishes promptly, an undercounter dishwasher may improve dishwashing flow.


Glasses are more breakable than other kinds of dishes and, such bars that have a lot of fragile glasses may profit from glasswashers that mix the power of commercial dishwasher with enough water flow to keep even the most tenuous styles of glassware, like wine glasses, from damage.

Glasswasher typically comes in undercounter type which is comparably priced to other styles of undercounter appliances, but they can come in other types which often cost more. If you want clean glassware without the wait, glasswasher is the perfect solution for your business.

CMA-180UC-Bottle-Washers Winw & BeerWine & Beer Bottle Washer

Bottle washing is a job that doesn’t tolerate mistakes regarding hygiene and product safety. At the same time, it requires smart use of water as a valuable resource. Therefore, it’s best to choose CMA 180UC HI-Temp Undercounter wine bottle washer for micro-sized winery bar.

For cleaning and sanitizing beer bottles pick CMA 180 automatic washer and customers will come back always in your brewpub.

Bar Stools

Bar Stools equipmentBar stools can be in the fixed or the movable style. Fixed stools typically surround the bar and can seem like a part of the bar. These style of bar stools have the advantage of being stronger than movable counterparts. Regrettably, since they can’t be moved, they create some limitations.

Movable bar stools come in different sizes and can be applied not just at the bar, but around pool tables too. Unlike home furniture, commercial bar furniture is built to handle more abuse. So, when you’re seeking for bar or tavern furniture, you should buy it from the company that makes commercial bar furniture not home bar furniture.

RefrigeratorsRefrigerators & IceMakers

Some of the most crucial pieces of bar equipment are those that keep drinks fresh and cold. Fizzle to hold drink cold can be an end of the game for a bar, as can serving hot cocktails. The best way to prevent these troubles is buying quality refrigerators and ice makers.

Back-of-house or under-bar refrigerators, as well as back-bar stations, bottle coolers, and wine refrigerators, will keep beverages at ideal serving temperature. With many different types of ice gettable from commercial ice makers, choosing the adequate for bar spirits can boost guests’ experiences.

Under Bar Equipment

Mixers & BlendersHaving the right under bar equipment will streamline service and make bartenders’ jobs much easier. From drainboards to sinks with blender dumps, it’s essential to have access to water and drains. You’ll also need plenty of glass storage available, whether with shelves or hanging racks.

A soda gun and filler station will terminate the need for soda bottles and cans, leaving bar room free for more critical potent beverages. Another vital piece of under bar equipment is an ice bin or cocktail unit.

Mixers & Blenders

Mixers and blenders are vital parts of bar equipment. Margaritas, daiquiris, and other frozen spirits are must-have in bar offer to keep customers satisfied. Providing frozen cocktails is more time-consuming and work-intensive than making bottled and mixed drinks, and you may be needed to purchase a frozen drink dispenser.

Since booze has a much lower freezing point than other libations, it will be crucial to ensure you get a unit that will keep temp cold enough to make a frozen cocktail.

Jockey Box & Drink-Pouring Unit for barJockey Box & Drink-Pouring Unit

All bars that mix open drinks must have a properly constructed pour station and jockey box or cool box. Jockey box should have an ice bin with built-in cold plates. Counter above cool box must contain scupper rails built of stainless steel, adequately drained, placed above the cool box.

High volume bars, like those that serve large hotel floors may be needed to have full counter scupper rails.

Bottle Opener & CorkscrewBottle Opener & Corkscrew

Bottle openers are a must-have item if you want to remove beer-bottle tops that don’t twist off. A mixture of a bottle opener and corkscrew is handy, multipurpose items. The most omnipresent part of bar equipment is without a doubt the corkscrew, used to lever the cork out of wine bottle.


Small but very important item on bar equipment checklist. Shakers are used to mix all types of cocktails perfectly. There are typically 2 types of shakers: those with their caps and open metal cups also called tins. With a stand-alone shaker, you put all the ingredients into a shaker, set the lid on and shake. With a tin, you must place a pint glass with ingredients into the tin and tap it to provide a tight seal before shaking.

Jiggers small measuring cupsJiggers

Jiggers are small measuring cups specially made for making drinks. They’re standardly made of metal and sometimes plastic. Jiggers include 2 different measuring amounts, one on either side of the hourglass.

These measuring items are vital for making precision drinks.

POS SystemPOS System

A lot of patrons nowadays don’t carry cash with them. Customers favor paying with debit or credit cards. You may require customers to have a credit or debit card to open a tab at the bar.

To meet their needs, you require a POS system. A Point-of-sale system comes in useful since it permits bar owner to pre-authorize credit or debit cards. It also allows bar staff to handle more complex things such as:

  • Charging for customized drink orders,
  • Move or split checks,
  • Operate daily drink charges,
  • Provide a chart of daily bar reporting.

Small Bar Accessories


There’re the bunch of small items, which are necessary for the bar like cutting boards, glass mats, paring knives, can openers, alcohol measures, ice scoops, fruit presses, muddlers, washing racks, and bar spoons.

Registration & Licenses

Acquiring a license to serve alcohol is a legal obligation for any business that wants to sell spirits or beers, and without license bar equipment is useless. Unluckily, that procedure is not always quick or simple. Alcohol laws differ from state to state, and some districts have a limit on how many liquor licenses can be issued.

Property and liability insurance is basic of any business. Bars and other establishments that serve alcohol should also have liquor liability insurance, which protects against lawsuits brought against your bar business as a result of altercations or accidents involving customers. Take into consideration the laws in your area to make sure you get an adequate degree of liquor liability insurance to protect bar business.

The TTB the shortcut of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau provides more information about other legal considerations of launching a bar, such as registering the business’s name, receiving a tax identification number, and securing state licenses.

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