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Commercial Dishwasher Rental - Chem Mark

Commercial Dishwasher Rental

In case you run a busy commercial establishment to which dishwashing is essential, then it’s certain that are going to need some type of commercial dishwasher, or a solution designed to meet the specific requirements of your business. Finding the right dishwasher is extremely important to any business, as appropriate appliances will make your life a whole lot easier and save you time and money.

Each available solution must be considered carefully, as the goal is to come up with either a long-term solution that would provide exceptional results and get your money’s worth or to plan certain shorter-term phases that would help your business evolve at the fastest pace possible.

Most of startups and smaller business encounter numerous difficulties and unforeseen expenses no matter how hard they try to stick to the budget. Although one of their top priorities, getting an appropriate dishwasher won’t be such an easy task. Sometimes this is due to enormous offer on the market which makes it difficult to choose from, and sometimes is because the owner is not sure whether he or she should buy the equipment, lease it or rent it.

The purpose of this article will be to show you the difference between renting and buying warewashing equipment, and to briefly guide you through main types of dishwashers, so hopefully, choosing would become at least a bit easier.

Breakdown of Commercial Dishwasher Varieties

There are four main types of commercial dishwashers and finding out which type meets your business requirements best is essential to getting an appropriate unit. There are many factors to consider, such as size and capacity, cost, speed, temperature, noise, energy and water usage and how easy it is easy to use the machine, so we’ll start with those.

When it comes to temperature, commercial dishwashers come in two options: high and low-temperature. High-temp machines are more common, as they use heat to sanitize the dishes, so there is no need to buy sanitizing chemicals. The dishes are cleaned better on the whole and they dry much faster. No sanitizing chemicals also means no dumping chemicals into the drainage system.

Low-temp machines cost less and require less energy, but they also require purchase of sanitizing chemicals on regular basis. Plus, certain chemicals tend to damage certain types of dishware, you’ll need to be prepared to occasionally renew your dishware as well.

In case you are concerned about the noise and energy efficiency, make sure you check the specification for the decibel rating given and look for the Energy Star certification, as it has been found that such dishwashers use 40% less water and are 40% more energy efficient.

As for the speed, you know it yourself – speed is important. Although most commercial dishwashers are pretty fast, you should always check the wash cycle length and its capacity as it can make a difference in how your kitchen runs.

Although manufacturers know how important it is for a dishwasher to be easy to use, especially in busy kitchens or bars, some industrial dishwashers are harder to use when placed in a spot they are not designed for. Also, if speed is crucial, check the specification for any features that enable super-fast loading, as well as the settings the dishwasher offers.

The cost and capacity are probably the two main factors to consider for obvious reasons. You’ll choose the appropriate type depending on the size of your business and number of customers you serve daily. It doesn’t make much sense in getting a commercial dishwasher that barely fits the space that you have or that can process twice as much dishes than you need it to. Larger and more powerful machines mean higher costs, so be careful to choose the machine that fits your requirements and fits your budget.

1. Conveyor Type Dishwashers 4 Main Types of Commercial Dishwashers

Conveyor commercial dishwashers have the largest capacity and are largest in size when compared to other types. Due to its size and capacity, it is usually used by establishments or institutions that have large kitchens and see high traffic in one meal period, such as schools or universities, hospitals or hotels. It’s probably not a good choice for smaller businesses both due to the problem of squeezing such a large machine in a small space, and the cost.

The fact that this is the most expensive type is justified by its ability of washing far larger quantities of dishes per session than any other type, its significantly higher power and must faster dishware cleaning and drying. If you run a large, busy establishment, conveyor type is well worth the cost.

2. Door Type Dishwashers

Door type commercial dishwashers are the type chosen most frequently for all kinds of busy commercial kitchens. They are easy to use and clean quite fast – simply fill a rack, slide it in, close the door and take the clean dishes out after a few moments.

They are larger machines that have higher capacity than an undercounter dishwasher, but they do, therefore, take up more space, use more energy and water and cost more than other types.

3. Undercounter Type Dishwashers

Undercounter commercial dishwashers look the most like the residential dishwashers, except they have more power, more capacity and they work much faster. They don’t take up much space, are easy to install and are most affordable, so they are a perfect fit for smaller restaurants, bars or coffee shops that don’t have much kitchen space, don’t handle huge number of customers and have a smaller budget.

4. Commercial Glasswashers

Commercial glasswashers combine the power of commercial dishwasher with the water flow that is gentle enough to process even most sensitive types of glass, such as the glass of martini glasses. It doesn’t mean, however, that glasswashers can process glasses only – they can’t process pots and pans but can process many other types of dishes.

Glasswashers are perfect for bars, pubs or restaurants that need to process a lot of glassware and the most common type is the undercounter type, which is very convenient. They do come as other types as well, but those tend to cost more.

You’ll be able to identify the right dishwasher type for your business based on its size and traffic more easily after going through basic features of these four broad categories. Next step would be to go through brands and specifications of particular models, as your commercial dishwasher needs to have a few further key features that would make your staff’s life a whole lot easier.

Here are a few tips: avoid complicated machines and choose the ones that are labeled as easy-to-use. You don’t want your staff to have issues or go through complicated training to learn how to use it. Always choose dishwashers that are able to work as fast as your kitchen is. Of course, make sure your warewasher meets all sanitary requirements, and make sure its cleaning power is satisfactory, as dirty dish or glassware can ruin customer’s appetite and your reputation.

After you narrow down the choices or find thr dishwasher for your business, you’ll need to decide whether buying or renting the dishwasher is a better option at the current moment.

Buying vs Rental of Commercial Dishwashers

When purchasing a dishwasher for your business is something you cannot afford or is something that is not quite desired, the option comes down to leasing or renting. Lease and rental agreements have many similarities, such as getting access to technology and equipment for a certain, limited period, but they also have a lot of important differences, main being the contract length and terms.

In this article we’ll explain why dishwasher rental just might be a better solution for your business, regardless of whether you run a smaller business with limited budget or a small capital, or a larger commercial establishment that benefits from changing its units more frequently while testing out latest technology.

Buying Commercial Dishwasher

Buying makes sense only in case you have enough capital available to make initial investment. If your staff is well trained to use it, constant breakdowns can be avoided, and if you have an employee that would take care of the maintenance and repairs, then buying should definitely be one of your top choices to consider.


Buying your own dishwasher has certain benefits, and the most important one is not being tied to rental or leasing company with a contract. This means that you will be the owner and it will always be available.

Another benefit is that you would be able to get exactly what your business needs – no more and no less, which is something that will increase productivity, quality of business, and eventually, revenue. You would be able to decide when to sell it and when to buy a new one. Certain tax deduction is also available, and you can try to get into a low-interest rate which will make the whole process less painful.

Being the owner also means liberty to find the exact dishwasher chemicals that you want at the price that is acceptable. You wouldn’t be obligated to pay the prices that the rental or leasing company imposes for their products.


If you don’t have capital that is large enough, then you won’t be able to get exactly what you need, but you would be obligated to settle for something less than your business actually needs. Also, perhaps you’ll have to take a loan, which can put a strain on your back account.

You would also be responsible for the transport, repairs and maintenance of the warewashing equipment, as well as disposing it after it breaks down. This only means more expenses and the need to hire good local repair company with excellent response time.

Keep also in mind that if your dishwasher sees a lot of hard use, it’s value will sink faster, so you won’t be able to sell it for much money or trade it when needed. It also means that you would need to prepare new investment to get new equipment each time.

Renting Commercial Dishwasher

Renting warewashing equipment has a lot of benefits, especially at times marked by economic uncertainties, or at times when you need to quickly get certain equipment without signing a long-term lease contract or taking on debt. In other words, it is an excellent option in case your business is facing limited financial options, or in case you need a very specific warewashing machine for just a short period. It is also a better option for larger establishments that need to stay on top of competition by quickly upgrading their technology and getting the latest appliances.


What is great about dishwasher rental is that you’ll only pay it while you use it, and you would be able to give it back after the rental contract expires. Rental contracts are much shorter when compared to leasing contracts, which means there is no long-term commitment and there are usually no penalties for early return. This is very helpful in case your business falls through, slows down or even grows too quickly and needs to upgrade sooner than, for example, a lease allows. Plus, renting can be deducted as business expense, so there is no impact on your ability to borrow or equity.

Dishwasher rental is also a great way to put different models that you are considering to test. Good rental companies have latest technology available since they are renewing their inventory regularly, so it enables you access to it without making a purchase and prevents you from getting stuck with a type that doesn’t fit your business requirements.

Another important benefit is that dishwasher rental companies usually provide maintenance and repairs as well, so in case the machine breaks down, there is no need for going through Yellow Pages in pursuit of a good repair company. The company would always dispatch a technician to repair it or replace the equipment.

And since you would be paying the machine and the maintenance with one invoice, renting certainly reduces paperwork.

A thing that could easily become a downside of signing on a rental company is that the company would be in charge of providing their dishwasher chemicals.


Because some companies offer chemicals that are not quite satisfactory, so you would be stuck with products that you don’t really like or want. On the other hand, in case you get a company with high quality products and thousands of satisfied customers, you would take monthly chemical shopping off your mind and get products that you are satisfied with.


As mentioned previously, rental is a suitable option for short-term contracts. In case you wish to rent for a longer period, it won’t pay off, as buying the equipment or leasing it would be more beneficial in the long run.

Rental agreement means that you would be obligated to use chemicals of that particular company, so there would be no room for negotiating the price or finding a better deal or products of better quality. However, with the right company, that could be avoided.

Another downside is that the equipment you need might not be available on short notice, so important is to find a company that provides most flexibility.

Leasing can be a good alternative to taking a loan and buying the equipment, except you would be able to get new models each time you renew the agreement. We covered the advantages of leasing over buying and all its important benefits in our article about leasing commercial dishware.

The option that you are going to go with depends on the size of your business, budget and its requirements. Perhaps the best would be to always consult your tax advisor and a dishwasher rental company to get as much data as possible before making a definite decision.

Purchasing is certainly something that might pay off in the long run, but renting provides security, gives you flexibility that neither purchasing nor leasing can match and enables you to operate until you reach the point where you can afford in-house support and own equipment that you are prepared to upgrade when needed.

Chem Mark, Inc. – Commercial Dishwasher Rental

As your sanitation and warewash professionals with more than 50 years of experience with various Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego commercial establishments, we understand that a dishwasher is never just a dishwasher, but an integral part of your business. And we also understand what downtime means for a business, so no matter if we’re doing installation, providing repair or maintenance, our field techs do their best to cause the least interruption to your business routine.

To help you get best possible value for the budget that you have, we offer a wide range of different commercial dishwashers of well-known brands, such as CMA dishmachines and ADS. We rent everything from undercounter to conveyor units, so you would be able to pick precisely the machine your business needs. You don’t need to worry about things like dishwasher products, water softeners and chemical dispensers, because we got you covered here as well.

You might feel it is complicated to choose what’s best for you when there are so many choices, but it really doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re here – to advise you and help you do what you do best!

Chem Mark’s Selection of Commercial Dishwashers

Below we present just a sample of the dish machines that we have available. We’ll handle the installation and we’ll show your staff how to use them, which we believe is helpful, it minimalizes errors and it doesn’t slow down the operation. Oh, and we’ll make sure our technicians leave a clean and tidy scene after they are done!

ADS Conveyor Type Dishwasher

Chem Mark, Inc. offers ADC-44 and ADC-66 models from American Dish Services (ADS). Both models come in high-temp and low-temp varieties. With 244 racks per hour, these high capacity-high volume machines are ideal for busiest environments, and with as little as 49 gallons per load, they are dishwashers with lowest water usage in the industry.

Some other convenient features are user-friendliness, dual rinsing system, self-purging ability and automatic start/stop to save run time and costs. The ADC-66 model is listed as the model with performance better than all listed 66″ conveyors.

CMA-180 High-Temperature Dishwasher

This machine features 180-degree sanitizing rinse every cycle and is Energy Star qualified. It processes 60 racks or 240 covers per hour while using .82 gallons of water per cycle, which makes it economical to operate. It also features convenient automatic soil purging system – debris lands on external tray, which can be easily removed and cleaned without clogging the drain.

It has auto start/stop which makes the operation safe and easy, and it features top mounted control box that includes a rack counter, extended wash/delimer switch and easy-to-read temperature gauges.

CMA Single Basket In-Line Dishwasher

The straight AH Model is Chem Mark’s most popular machine, but the dishwasher is also available as Model C, which is the corner variety. The in-line dishwasher comes with 2 dishracks and can process 40 racks or 160 covers per hour. It features auto start/stop which makes the operation easy and safe, and integrated scrap tray prevents food soil from entering drain system. It is a low-temp dishwasher with built-in chemical pumps and deliming system designed to ensure for proper chemical usage.

CMA Double Rack Dishwasher

The double rack corner dishwasher can process 80 racks or 320 covers per hour while using as little as .97 gallons of water per rack. Not only does it use little water, it is also Energy Star certified. It has large 20-½” clearance for dishes and includes built-in chemical pumps and delimining system that assures proper chemical usage. It also has an auto start/stop and the built-in Poly Pro, a scrap accumulator that prevents food soil from entering drain system.

CMA L-1X Low-Temperature Dishwasher

This compact undercounter low-temp dishwasher washes 30 racks or 120 covers per hour with only 1.7 gallons of water per cycle, which makes it economical. Two dishracks are included and a door safety switch which makes operation safe. It also features pump purging system that improves results by eliminating soil and chemical carryover during rinse cycle.

BarMaid Glass Washers

Chem Mark, Inc. also rents and repairs customer owned BarMaid glass washers – innovative, high-quality commercial grade glasswashers used by bars, restaurants, hotels, convention facilities and event catering both in US and all over the world.

Perhaps the smartest thing that you could do today is pour a nice cup of coffee after you get in and give us a call. We’d love to talk about your business, your plans and budget, and we’d be happy to provide some guidance. It doesn’t matter if you are not ready to buy or rent yet, we would be happy to provide information, answer your questions and provide advice. We know your business, so let us help you raise the bar of your service!

We offer:

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Call us at (714)-784-5522 (CHEM) or contact us to learn more about Chem Mark, Inc. dishwasher rental program that provides superior dishwasher performance and round-the-clock emergency support.