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No matter if you are looking to switch from the present commercial dishwasher rental company or you are just about to start as restaurant or a bar, Chem Mark, Inc. of Riverside is here to provide you with the latest models of restaurant dishwashing machines through affordable rental and leasing plans with an option to own the dishwasher at the end of the leasing period.

Save $$$ and Avoid High Initial Costs

Both commercial dishwasher rental and lease can help newcomers in the food serving and catering industry save money and easy the cash-flow at the early stages of business development. Plus, you can gain tax benefits.

Commercial kitchen equipment is very expensive, particularly the dishwashers. Latest models with Energy Star certificate can cost more than $10,000. Now add the cost of installation and regular maintenance and you’ll realize why this is not a good option for you.

So, why use your business line of credit for a commercial dishwasher, water softener service, glass washers, detergents, sanitizers, drain maintenance, and cleaning products when you can pay monthly rent or monthly commercial dishwasher leasing fee and use your money for more important things? Maybe to hire a popular bar architect and a designer, or the best chef in town.

As Chem Mark, Inc. is the owner of the equipment during the lease period, we are responsible for the regular and emergency maintenance and repair. We rent and lease latest and high-end models of commercial dishwasher machines from trusted US brands – CMA and ADS machines.

During rental or lease period we’ll provide Swingmark and BarMaid systems, detergents, sanitizers, glass washing equipment, solids, powders, liquids, soap and rinse chemicals.

50 Years of Excellence – We are more than half a century in the business and we know all the secrets of commercial dishwashing!

Connect with Chem Mark, Inc.

If you like the idea of rental or leasing restaurant equipment, call our Chem Mark, Inc. of Riverside at (714)-784-5522 and let us know your address and business model, so our engineers, located here in Riverside, can make an assessment and propose an optimal solution for your warewashing. From commercial dishwasher installation, and maintenance to water softener service and detergents to make your ware, silverware, and cutlery sparkling clean.

If you want to stay up-to-date on latest deals and trends in commercial dishwashing industry, follow Chem Mark. Inc, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Rest assured we’ll break the rule that the posts of commercial dishwashing companies are boring!

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Why Choose Chem Mark, Inc.?

  • Custom tailored commercial dishwasher lease and rental plans
  • High-end Energy Star models available for all clients
  • Fast on-site dishwasher delivery and installation
  • Preventive maintenance as a part of rental/lease agreement
  • Commercial dishwasher repair 24/7 in Riverside County
  • Water softeners & sanitation equipment at a great price
  • Installation of latest digital chemical dispensers
  • Get warranty without hidden costs and more

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easy to use


Your dishwashing staff just need to put ware in racks and press GO button. Simple as that.

reliable commercial dishwashers


Chem Mark, Inc. works only with most trusted commercial dishwashing brands in the US.



Great dishwashing machines and state-of-the-art water softeners and sanitizers will give amazing results.


Having Energy Star certified commercial dishwasher means 35%  less water and energy usage.

5 Steps for Optimal Warewashing

Before taking any implementation steps, we’ll work together to prepare and create a rental or leasing plan that best suits your business needs. We believe there is no single solution that fits all. According to your wishes, budget and technical requirements, we’ll tailor a custom plan to rent commercial dishwasher you REALLY NEED.

Step #1 – Our engineers will determine what commercial dishwasher type you need and set standards for temperature requirements.

Step #2 – Calculate water lines, drain piping, and power supply for dishwashers and other equipment.

Step #3 – Plan the optimal place in the kitchen for every warewashing piece of equipment: sink, drain, dishwasher and dryer.

Step #4 – Install water softeners, sanitizers, chemical dispensers, and other cleaning detergents from our wide range of products.

Step #5 – Preform tests to make sure the whole process flow is without issues or glitches.

Once a Chem Mark customer, you’ll receive regularly scheduled service and emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Chem mark is a fully in-house operation. Having one supplier for all warewashing means that you can focus on creative things like marketing, menu, guest or staff education.

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Chem Mark, Inc. of Riverside

Commercial Dishwashers for The Busiest Kitchens in Riverside

As mentioned, our engineers and certified technicians will determine the commercial dishwasher capacity, size and model for your business. Regardless whether your kitchen needs a door type dishwasher, corner dishwasher, low or high-temperature commercial dish machine, single rack, double rack, conveyor or commercial under-counter dishwasher – we can provide it in a couple of hours. Same goes for the commercial heaters – gas and electric models.

Our story doesn’t end here.

After equipment installation, we’ll proceed with water softeners, digital chemical dispensers, SwingMark or BarMaid glass washers. In addition, you can try some of Chem Mark, Inc. products like windows cleaners, laundry detergents, floor cleaners, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, oven and grill cleaners, rust removing chemicals, wax strippers and other products that will help your business become compliant with California sanitation laws and regulations.

Chem Mark, Inc. leases and rents the best commercial dishwashing brands. We offer latest models from ADS and CMA dishmachines. All of them are Energy Star certified. This means that you’ll save about 40% on water and electricity bills, because these companies are industry leaders in low-power and water consumption.

Hire Chem Mark, Inc. of Riverside and gain benefits like:

  • Getting the right commercial dishwashing machines for the job
  • Dishwasher accessories: dish tables, dishwasher racks, and glass racks
  • Option to buy and own when the rental or lease period is over
  • Preventive and emergency 24/7/365 maintenance
  • Repair and spare parts are our worries
  • Dishwashing chemicals at an affordable price during the agreement


Whether you are upgrading your existing warewash equipment, replacing the old one or just opening a restaurant in Riverside, call Chem Mark. Inc, at (714)-784-5522. No matter if you have a small kitchen or heavy-traffic, large institutional restaurant, hospital or a nursing home – we have a solution.