San Diego Leading Restaurant Dishwashing

San Diego Leading Restaurant Dishwashing Rental & Warewashing

Chem Mark Inc of San Diego has only one aim – to make dishwasher rental and lease affordable for every restaurant owner in San Diego. No matter, if you are in food serving industry for decades, or running a restaurant is just your startup idea, Chem Mark Inc has tailored a solution to make you start saving from day one.

Why buy an expensive restaurant appliance when you can lease commercial dishwasher and chemicals and invest your money in other things? Don’t get us wrong, the dishwasher is the essential part of every commercial kitchen, but you probably have more important things on your mind. Like to choose a bar concept, get a liquor license, marketing, to find good staff or even study local competition, right?

Ask yourself.

Does commercial dishwasher bring you money? No. But can you run your bar, restaurant, cafeteria or nursing home without a dishwasher, water softener and sanitizers? No. Therefore, you need to have it. But you don’t need to own it! Simply rent or lease restaurant dishwasher and save thousands of dollars in years to come.

So, you focus on fresh business ideas, and let us take care of your warewashing needs and all that comes with it. Chem Mark Inc is successfully serving more than 1000 clients in San Diego County, we surely know how to handle all your requests.

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Why Chem Mark, Inc.?

  • Fantastic commercial dishwasher rental and leasing plans
  • Leading & latest technology restaurant appliances available
  • Quick on-site appliance delivery and installation
  • Preventive maintenance during rental or leasing period
  • Repair service available 24/7 in San Diego County
  • Special prices on chemicals supply and water softeners
  • Full warranty without hidden costs – Guaranteed!

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Call our number (714)-784-5522 or get a quote below. Chem Mark Inc engineers will respond with commercial dishwasher rental plan, plus sanitizing and water softener solutions suited to your business size and model.

easy to use


Your dishwashing staff just need to put ware in racks and press GO button. Simple as that.

reliable commercial dishwashers


Chem Mark, Inc. works only with most trusted commercial dishwashing brands in the US.



Great dishwashing machines and state-of-the-art water softeners and sanitizers will give amazing results.


Having Energy Star certified commercial dishwasher means 35%  less water and energy usage.

Chem Mark, Inc. of San Diego

Why Rent Commercial Appliance?

Because you’ll actually save money! Both long-term and short-term. And this is how.

You need to have a dishwasher and use it daily, but you don’t need to own it! Simply rent or lease dishwasher and save thousands of dollars in years to come. Pay monthly fee and have a piece of mind about appliance maintenance, repair service, chemicals and sanitizing solution.

And there are some more advantages of restaurant dishwasher leasing. You can save on tax during leasing period (consult with your financial advisor about tax savings for leased equipment), plus you will always have an updated restaurant dishwashing equipment.

To sum things up. Choose Chem Mark Inc of San Diego and you’ll get:

  • High-quality equipment you really need
  • Latest commercial dishwashing sanitizing solution
  • Option to buy & own when rental or lease period is done
  • FREE transfer of equipment and installation
  • Leased dishwashers can be offset against tax
  • FREE emergency service 24/7 and maintenance
  • FREE commercial dishwasher repair

State-of-the-Art Commercial Dishwashers

Chem Mark, Inc. engineers and certified techs will determine the commercial dishwasher style, size or even exact model your business needs. No matter if you are looking for a door type, corner dishwasher, low or high-temperature commercial dish machine, single rack, double rack, booster heater, conveyor or commercial undercounter dishwasher, custom configuration – NO PROBLEM! We’ll provide.

Next step is to deploy warewashing equipment on premises and install according to the latest industry standards in food serving and hospitality industry.

To complete warewashing solution for your bar or restaurant, we’ll install latest water softeners, digital chemical dispensers, SwingMark or BarMaid glass washers.

Chem Mark, Inc. works with only the best commercial dishwashing brands. We stock brands like ADS, and CMA dishmachines.

And there is more.

You can choose between different commercial dishwasher equipment and accessories like detergents, rinses, soaps, presoaks, tablets, gloves, commercial dishwasher racks, tables, pot and pan detergents and more.

To wrap things up, we offer top-notch air fresheners, laundry detergents for heavy-duty cleaning, windows cleaners, drain maintainers, graffiti wipers, freezer cleaners, floor cleaners, hand sanitizers, grill cleaners, lime removers and other industrial cleaning products to keep our laundry and ware-washing on the top level.

Water & Energy Efficient Commercial Dishmachines

Every commercial dishwasher can clean and sanitize kitchen ware using hot water, soap and rinse chemicals. But have you asked yourself about water and power supply consumption? These units can use a lot of water and energy. As we mentioned, we want you to save money from day one – and this is the reason we offer dishwashing machines with Energy Star certificate. Dishwashers from our fleet who earned Energy Star are true water savers. They have 40% less water consumption compared to standard models. Pay less for water and electricity bills using the latest technology commercial kitchen appliances.

Custom Solution for Every Business

As a commercial dishwashing rental company, we value every business. We support efforts of small businesses and large enterprises in the same way. No matter if you run a small cafeteria or a large restaurant with more than hundred visits per hour – we can help with a custom warewashing solution.

Call Chem Mark, Inc. at (714)-784-5522 and we’ll dispatch our team to your location anywhere in San Diego County for assessment.