CMA Dishmachines MODEL CMA-180-VL-FL

  • 75% less floor space than traditionalDishmachines (compact space-saving design)requires no entry or exit tables
  • Requires only 7.1 square feet of floor space(door closed
  • Front loading door design provides optimal
    working height for easy loading and unloading
    of dishes
  • Replaces need for independent Vent Hood
  • Heat Recovery System captures hot water vapor
    from wash and rinse cycles, and condenses them
    to heat incoming cold water while efficiently
    evacuating steam from wash chamber
  • Final Rinse Valve receives cold water (41-65F) that
    is processed through a “Heat Recovery System”
    providing nearly cost-free heating capabilities for
    water supplied to the Booster Heater, which
    reduces the recovery time for the Booster Heater
  • 170 second cycle (60 second wash/rinse and 110
    second steam evacuation)
  • 21 racks per hour/Standard 20″X20″ racks
  • ENERGY STAR water-saving design (0.89 gals
    of water per cycle)
  • Water level safety control
  • Wash tank screens filter recirculating wash
    water, preventing soil from clogging Spray
  • Safe-T-Temp feature assures 180°F sanitizing
    rinse every cycle
  • 6kW Wash Tank Heater
  • 12kW Electrical Booster Heater
  • Booster-safety thermostat
  • Large 16″ dish clearance
  • Interchangeable components compatible with
    other CMA products
  • Rinse Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV)
  • Automatic Heat Exchanger Condenser and
    Wash-down feature
  • FREE (1ea) Peg and Flat Rack
  • Dual-power Supply Connections
  • Door Safety Interlock
  • NSF/UL/ENERGY STAR Certified

Chem Mark Inc is proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on all CMA Dishmachines. Free shipping is available to lower 48 states, excluded are Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. For more information call (714) 220-2436.



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