Swing Mark – 3 Compartment Sink Sanitizer [Infogaphic]

No matter if you run a bar or restaurant or any other food serving facility public safety should be priority  since everything has to fulfill FDA health standards. Dealing with the amount of dishes that you need to wash manually can take a lot of time, energy and finally money.

Constant measuring to make proper detergent and sanitation mixture can cause delays and stress in the restaurant kitchen during busy Saturday nights. Opposite to stress and delays is fast and easy manual warewashing that can save your staff time and energy.

Just one sanitizing dispensing unit can solve problems and make work in front of 3-compartment sink flawless and worry free. Forget guesswork of proper sanitation and detergent concentrations. Perfectly clean warewash and glasses are just one swing away from you with Swing Mark.

Install Swing Mark automatic sanitation dispenser and put a smile on your staff’s face.

What is Swing Mark?

Swing Mark is fully automatic control sanitation valve capable of supplying each sink with needed detergent, sanitizer, and water. It is effortless to install and adjust to standard sinks and faucets.

The competitor’s sanitizers for the 3-compartment sink includes pushing buttons or hand pumps to add detergent and sanitizer to the sink. With Swing Mark everything is automatic. Just swing valve over the sinks and you are ready to go. See the infographic below and learn how Swing Mark works.

How to Use Swing Mark Controlled Sanitation Dispenser


Using Swing Mark bar dispensing unit is straightforward. Just follow the 4 steps below:

Step #1 – Adding Detergent: Swing the Swing Mark dispenser valve over the first sink and turn on the water; The water needs to be at the optimal temperature. The Swing Mark dispenser valve will fill the sink while automatically setting the suitable amount of detergent for manual glassware or pot washing;

Step #2 – Adding Water: When the first sink is filled to the proper mark, swing the Swing Mark dispenser valve over the second sink; The dispenser valve will fill the second sink with clean, fresh water;

Step #3 – Adding Sanitizer: When the second sink is filled swing the Swing Mark dispenser valve over the third sink; the dispenser valve will fill the third sink while automatically setting the right amount of sanitizer;

Step #4 – Swing Valve Out of the Way: After filling all three sinks swing the Swing Mark dispenser valve out of the way to prevent dishes and glasses from hitting the valve.


IMPORTANT: The plumbing connection needs to be made by a qualified service person who will comply with all Federal, State and Local Health, Plumbing and Safety codes.

See Swing Mark in Action.

To buy or lease call 714-784-5522.

5 Key Benefits of Use Swing Mark Controlled Sanitation

Chem Mark, Inc. offers commercial dishwashers and sanitation products that save money and time for its customers. Same holds truth for Swing Mark automatic control sanitation valve. Here are the 5 reasons why you should pick your phone today, call 714-784-5522 and install Swing Mark 3-compartment sink sanitizer.

  1. Swing Mark SAVES ENERGY since it doesn’t require batteries or electricity;
  2. Swing MARK SAVES TIME; There are no measuring and guessing that cause a delay in the work Everything happens automatically. All you need to do is to move the valve in “flow” position;
  3. Swing Mark SAVES MONEY with accurate portion control of the chemicals;
  4. Swing Mark PROVIDES SAFETY; Both detergent and sanitizer are mixed with water and added to the appropriate
  5. Swing Mark provides AUTOMATIZATION and SIMPLICITY; No more buttons to push, spoons, tablets, powders, no faucets. Just swing dispensing unit, and that is all.

Swing Mark – Cleaning & Sanitizing Solution Provided by Chem Mark, Inc.

Chem Mark produces, sells and leases Swing Mark sanitation valve. The lease is available in the following area: Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego. The purchase is available across the entire US. For more information call (714) 784-5522.

For half a century Chem Mark has been helping restaurants, bar and healthcare facilities provide their customers with clean dishes and glassware.

Chem Mark can also assist with both dish machine and manual warewashing solutions, as we lease, sell and service CMA & ADS dish machines and equipment and repair customer owned dispensers.

Our lease contracts include Chem Mark, Inc. chemicals for both low- and high-temp commercial dishwashers, or necessary 3-compartment sink chemicals, such as:

  • Sani-10 Disinfectant & Sanitizer – quaternary ammonium, EPA registered sanitizer for use with low-temperatures;
  • Chem Mark Sunbrite – affordable, lemon-scented detergent;
  • Chem Mark Azure Blue – premium, thick, blue detergent;
  • Eco-Green – plant-based high-sudsing liquid detergent.

At Chem Mark, Inc You Can:

  • Buy Swing Mark 3-compartment sink sanitizer (nationwide)
  • Lease Swing Mark 3-compartment sink sanitizer (in following areas: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Riverside),
  • Repair customer owned Swing Mark,
  • Provide 3-Compartment Sink Detergents – 80BC Low Foam Detergent
  • Provide 3-Compartment Sink Sanitizers – 750 Final Rinse.

Chem Mark, Inc. has experience and enthusiasm. We are here to help you manage all warewashing needs. Contact us now at (714) 784-5522 and ask about Swing Mark automatic 3-compartment sink valve sale and lease deals. You’ll not be disappointed.