Wine Bottle Washer – Must for Small Wineries

Remember the days when folks put out empty bottles for the milkman to take when he made his next delivery. Now, translate that to wine. Why? Because, more than 300 million cases of wine sold in the U.S. each year, virtually none of those bottles is reused.

A recent study from Wines & Vines magazine found that there are 7,762 wineries in the United States.  Almost half of these manufacturers are in California, that has 3,674 wineries. Only 56 wineries can be considered as a “large” winery with an annual production of more than 500,000 cases. And only 223 can be considered as a “medium” wineries with annual production from 50,000 to 500,000 cases by year. That means most of California’s wine production still comes from about 3,189 small and micro-sized wineries.

Wine bottle production is also a significant contributor to a winery’s carbon footprint. An increasing number are recycled, but about 70% ends up in landfills according to EPA. Glass in that fills never breaks down and will stay there 5,000 years from now. With 10% of landfills being glass, reusing is the right thing to do.

Best way to reuse wine bottle is with automatic wine bottle washer that washes, rinse and sanitizes bottle properly. It’s a more effective method than do it by yourself with homemade appliances, and consumers can save 10% to 50% over than by purchasing new bottles of wine.

Why Choose Wine Bottle Washer

Selling wines isn’t an easy job. Now, more than ever, wineries have to determine consumer trends and master marketing to increase sales. Not only that wineries are competing against each other, but the consumers are changing too.

That’s why owners of micro-wineries must be worldly-wise and find the way to the consumers. One of the most unique solutions is selling wine in reusing bottles. Still, bottle washing is a task that must be perfect without mistake in terms of hygiene and product safety.

Being a micro-winery can definitely have its advantages in the cleaning and sanitation world.  It’s easy to get creative concerning improving efficiency and efficacy of cleaning and sanitation practices. An ideal, plus practical solution, for wineries that are struggling to incorporate cleaning and sanitation practices is to purchase small wine bottle washer.

This appliance is reliable and efficient because standard bottle washer rack contains 16 compartments for bootless. And that bottles will be automatically washed, rinsed, and sanitized. It’s quickest and safest way for cleaning wine bottles.

The low-temp appliance is more energy efficient but needs more chemicals, but the high-temp machine can remove a lot of chlorine faster and make washing process easier. Wine bottle washing machine for boutique wineries are small and perfect for limited spaces.

They’re such effective devices, that when the process is finished, the bottles look similar to the new wine bottle. With this automatic machines, small wineries are caring about the environment. Because they reuse bottles, don’t melt them, and they don’t need the new bottles that emit carbon dioxide during their manufacturing.

Improving cleaning and sanitization operations can be a crucial step to boost the quality of the winery business.

How to Setup Wine Bottle Washer

It’s efficient appliance and easy to set up. Just follow these 5 quick installation steps:

Step #1

Connect the drain hose to floor or wall drain. The floor drain must have a 1-inch air gap between the floor drain and hose drain. Then level washer by adjusting the leveling legs. The appliance must be leveled front and back, and side to side.

Step #2

Connect a device to the hot water source, minimum temp 140°F. The appliance will stay in wash cycle until booster heater temperature achieves 180°F, then it’ll advance into the rinse cycle. Whenever possible, remove pump drain if a floor drain is available nearby. Remove drain pipe and put drain hose on the drain valve and let washer to gravity drain.

Wine Bottle WasherStep #3

Turn on the power, push booster fill button to fill the booster tank on initial startup. Listen for final rinse until water cascades over scrap trap. Turn the power switch off and on, and the machine will be filled to an adequate level in the wash tank.

Step #4

After filling dishwasher for the first time, reconnect the factory unplugged wire to booster high-limit switch positioned behind the front panel. After that, Turn power supply back on. Allow the machine to heat up (about 5 minutes). Cycle machine by pushing the start button. Observe “Rinse Cycle” that last 16 seconds per cycle and must be minimum 180°F. If necessary, adjust the temp by turning the adjustment stem on thermostat clockwise to boost.

Step #5

Press and hold down primer switches until bottles are discharged into the appliance.

WARNING: Electrical and plumbing connections must perform by a qualified service technician and abide all federal, state and local health, electrical, plumbing and safety code.

Best Bottle Washers for Small Wineries

CMA 180UC HI-Temp Undercounter Dishmachines

CMA 180UC Bottle WashersIt’s versatile, and Energy Star approved appliance with built-in 5.3 kW/40 degrees rise booster heater and can quickly transform to automatic wine bottle washer. Just remove lower wash and rinse arms and replaced with the uniquely designed wine bottle rack.

The standard wine bottle rack contains 16 compartments, holding up to 4-1/2” diameter bottles. A non-standard rack includes 9 compartments that accommodate up to 6″ diameter bottles. The rack height is determined per the size of the bottle. Dimensions of the machines are 24 inches width, 25 inches depth and height 33 ¼ inches.

The racks are placed with a spray manifold system that puts ideally positioned spray jet inside the neck of each bottle. The rack also includes wash and rinse adapters that replace the wash/rinse arms. The adapters are fitted with a hose that instantly connect or disconnect to rack side for easy and quick rack removal.

This machine is reliable and quick with a total cycle time of 2 minutes. Cleans up to 50 racks by an hour. CMA appliance is ideal for washing and sanitizing all sizes and shapes of bottles. This system is perfect for wine bottles.

Chem Mark, Inc. – Rent or Buy Wine Bottle Dishmachine

There are a bunch of things to “put on the table” when purchasing a small wine bottle washer for micro-winery or boutique. If your business vision is clearer now, but not quite sure what to do, especially if a lease or rental deals are more suitable for your winery, contact us at (714)-784-5522, and you won’t regret.

Our team of technicians and engineers are always available to help you in choosing the right unit for your winery. We lease or rent commercial dishwasher by CMA, a company that offers high-quality products for commercial warewashing and glass washing. Our offer also includes lease and rental ADS industrial dishwasher that is one of the largest and oldest producers of a dishwasher in the United States.

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