Discreet Hero – Restaurant Dishwasher

Like John Wayne, he doesn’t talk too much. He is a strong silent type, works and mind his own business. The guy that doesn’t complain about working conditions, unhappy life or back pain.

The restaurant without them is imaginable. It’s a restaurant dishwasher, the silent hero of every food service. An underestimated job, but it’s the backbone of the kitchen. Everyone depends on a dishwasher, starting with the bussers, waiters, chef, customers and the owner.

Their movements are synchronized like they are professional athletes. They are the kitchen “doctors” and responsible for the health of the customers.

Why is this job position crucial for the food business? Imagine a lipstick stains on a wine glass, and you just lost appetite. Owners don’t need that kind of situation. That is the stage where the dishwasher performs. A stage where dishwasher “destroy” the germs, the biggest enemy for customers health. A lack of attention can be dangerous for customers health.

Read the lines bellow to learn most important things while working as a dishwasher.

Dishwashing Job Description

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the most in-demand job will be the dishwasher in the growing restaurant industry. Here are the list of responsibilities and the requirements for the dishwasher position in a restaurant.


  • Collect used utensils from dining and kitchen areas,
  • Load and unload dishwasher appliances,
  • Hand-wash for specific items (large pots or wooden cutting boards),
  • Store clean items and equipment properly,
  • Set up workstations, before meal preparation starts,
  • Always provide enough clean items, especially during peak hours,
  • Double-Check the Dishwasher Detergents and place orders where necessary,
  • Maintain washing process and expeditiously inform about any technical or performance problems,
  • Remove garbage,
  • Sanitize the kitchen surface.


  • Work Experience,
  • Experience with Commercial Washing Machines,
  • Capability to Follow Instructions and Assistant with Different Tasks, as Needed,
  • Time Management Skills,
  • Follow Sanitation Rules,
  • Availability during Weekends and Holidays,
  • High- School Degree is Recommended.

Working as a Dishwasher

Dishwashing isn’t an easy profession. But, most of the top chefs or respectable restaurant owners start with that position. You have to begin behind the sink if you want to progress in this industry. The hard work always pays off.

When you’re working as a dishwasher, means be ready for all kind of demands. The waiter wants clean glasses; busser needs a clean plate, chef demands prepared frying pan. This job requires a stable person with prominent social intelligence. Someone who withstand the pressure during busy weekend nights and holidays.

Keep track of these 10 tips on how to become a reliable and professional dishwasher.

  1. Physical Fitness – An aspect that is neglected, but probably most important. The dishwasher job is hard, and you must lift a heavy load or stand on tour feet actively from 8 to 12 hours. Dishwasher must be strong and person in good shape.
  2. Time Management – Come to the restaurant 15 minutes early and survey the work area. If you’re using public transportation, early arriving will make a strong impression on your owner. Especially, on Fridays and Saturdays. Since these days are fully scheduled at restaurants, you must show your dedication and be the early bird.
  3. Don’t Use Cell Phone While Working – You must silence a cell phone. Any lack of attention can be fatal. Be focus, since the kitchen is full of hot dishes and utensils.
  4. Always Clean the Kitchen – Make sure that you have a clean kitchen permanently, especially at the end of your shift. It’s something that all of your team workers will appreciate. In that way, you’ll show your dedication and work ethic, so everyone can be reliable on you.
  5. Mind your own Business – While working with some people, you’ll soon realize who is the weakest link. Don’t pay attention to that. There is a supervisor who is in charge of the staff. Your position is dishwashing. Focus on work and fulfill your responsivities.
  6. Dress Code – Although you are behind the scenes, you personify the restaurant. The kitchen is a basis of every food service. Be a professional and arrive to work in proper attire. The professional attire with adequate adds provides food safety and health codes. Also, your employer will be satisfied.
  7. Motivation and Positive Attitude – Motivation and attitude are especially crucial. Every employer wants an employee with a positive attitude and motivated to work. During the shift, you represent yourself, and one of the best ways is to be polite and pleasant with your staff. With that positive energy and work efficiency of the team, will be much higher. Avoid coming to the work tired or unmotivated, because it is the fastest way to be fired.
  8. Hygiene – As a food worker you must fulfill the laws and regulations of Food Health and Hygiene. Personal hygiene is absolutely required for this work. Always be clean and wash your hands after leaving the toilet. You’re the link which provides health and safety of the customers.
  9. Security – You must know everything about all the safety rules in the kitchen. Use adequate method when dealing with sharp items. Always educate yourself with safety measures that can prevent injuries and make the safer and more productive environment.
  10. Reliability – Day off, you’re on the sofa, watching favorite tv-shows, cell rang. The chef calls, you need to come in and help. You should go. Every time, when you get in and help, that is a huge benefit for you. Knowing that they can count on you in full schedule weekends is your certain way to success in this business. Most of the top chefs and restaurant owners had started and worked in similar hard working style.



Restaurant Dishwashing Procedures

The dishwasher must know to use the 3-sink dishwashing system. The system that includes clean, rinse, sanitize and dry process, used in most restaurants and other food business. Without knowledge of triple sink operations, there is no way to get a job in this industry.

Read carefully lines bellow that will help you to understand the process of dishwashing.

  • Pre – Wash: Before beginning the wash process, try to take off as much food as possible in a scrap container or waste bin. This helps to save on detergents.
  • Wash: Make sure that each sink is clean and sanitized before filling them. The 1st sink is for washing with hot, soapy water from 95° to 120° Use scrub brush and scouring pad for this process. Wearing safety glasses is necessary. Don’t forget to replace with clean, hot, soapy water when it starts to cool down and became too dirty.
  • Rinse: The 2nd sink has to be filled with hot water at around 120° The clean loads should be rinsed off in the water until no more detergent is present on the dishes. If it turns out it’s hard to take the detergent off, you should reload the sink with new, hot water.
  • Sanitize: To achieve entirely cleaned dishes, health code requires this final step, which is the sanitize operation. The 3rd sink should be filled with sanitizer to ensure germs have removed from all surfaces. The load should soak in a mixture of sanitizer mix at about two minutes.
  • Air – Dry: Air drying is the only recommended way for drying the dish. Don’t wipe the dish down with a towel, just let it air dry.

Dishwasher Safety Equipment

Protecting yourself during the dishwashing process is paramount. Many dangerous are lurking in the kitchen from sharp knives, heavy dish loads, hot frying pot to wet floors. The dishwasher must be ready for that potentially hazardous situation and use the necessary safety equipment.

Here is the list of requiring safety adds for the dishwasher:

  • Safety glass and Protective Mask: They prevent any chemicals or hot water gets onto your face and eyes.
  • Dishwashing Gloves: Protect the hands from scalding dishwater and abrasive chemicals in soaps.
  • Cut-Resistant Gloves: Made of specialized and robust materials, which prevents from cutting yourself accidentally by sharp knives.
  • Adequate Shoes: The floors in a kitchen restaurant are wet and slippery because of regular water and grease spills. Wearing proper safety boots provide dishwashers with a firm grip helping in the prevention of slipping and falling.

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